10 Tips for choosing the perfect photographer.

1) Be aware of photographers charging low prices

9 out of 10 they are beginners learning as they go and really don’t have real life experience. Someone that truly knows what there doing understands the amount of work it takes to cover an event properly and efficiently. At the end of the day you want quality over quantity and so the prices really reflects that. To simply put in other words you get what you pay for and that holds universal truth all over the world.

2) How many photos will you be receiving?

The professional standard is approximately 40-50 photos in hour that are of high quality. If its a large family that wants multiple poses and setups, then there will be less; especially if there are young kids that tend to look away when you don’t want them to. If you are moving lights or reflectors around or working with other equipment, that will take more time too, but remember quality over quantity is what you should be most concerned about. It’s better to have a dozen high quality photos than 50 that are so-so.

3) Do they know the science of light and shadow?

What separates the pros from the amateur’s is the deep understanding on how light bends and shadows arise. For example the best time of the day for outdoor photos is the golden hour because of the placement of the sun. It allows complete immersion of soft warm light that just makes everything magical.

4) Ask to see their portfolio.

Make sure they have an online foot print. Ask to see their website and Instagram account. This way you can get a feel for their style and make sure it matches up with what your looking for.

5) Beware of heavy editing!

A photographer that heavily edits a photo is because they don’t know how to take a great photo in the first place! The only reason a photograph needs heavy editing is because its trying to repair some in camera mistakes.

For example: The image came out to dark because of lack of light or ISO settings was incorrect. Same as a blurry photo not have a high enough shutter speed. Over the years of taking photographs I have learned that a bad photo taken can’t be repaired with editing no matter how many hours you spill on it.


Hire a photographer that is truly experienced they way you don’t to worry about the quality of the photos and can just focus on enjoying the moment with your loved ones. Who has time to stress over bad workmanship?

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