The 50 Most Popular Las Vegas Photography Spots!

Las Vegas Sign

When you visit Vegas, you’ve got to get a shot at this legendary sign! It’s one of the most popular Las Vegas photography spots you can find. Here’s a major tip for your photographer to help you avoid the line.

No matter what time of the day, there is always a line of people trying to take photographs in front of the sign. (Around 60 people) But no one knows the trick of taking your photography at an angle! If you have your photographer go to the side of the sign you can get a great shot without people being in your way. This way you skip the line and get your shots!

Just have your uber drop you off and pick you up when done. The sign is in the middle of the road in a huge, fenced-off area, and there’s a parking lot right in front of it. It’s really hassle free and you can get your photographer to shoot quickly. This is where you’ll see quite a bit of vegas photographers offering their services

The Excalibur

If the medieval and castle vibes are your thing, then this castle-themed resort and casino will satisfy you perfectly. The castles have these beautiful vibrant red and blue towers that take you back in time. This will give your photographs a princess vibe, all that’s missing is the dragon. This is definitely a hot spot for photographers and friendly tourists.
Photographers Tips: Make sure to tell your photographer to take a wide angle shot to make sure you get all of the castle peaks in your photo!

Luxor Sphinx

This is really close to the walkway mentioned beforehand, it’s on the side of the sphinx. You can’t miss it, here you’ll be able to get a beautiful close up of the majestic Sphinx! This photo alone will make you feel like a natural Egyptian lol. Any experienced vegas photographer knows how to access it quickly.

Luxor Pillar

This pillar is right on the sidewalk of the vegs strip. Be sure to have your vegas photographer frame it correctly so that the entire Luxor pillar is in the shot. If you don’t want no one to be in the shot then i recommend to be there around 5-6am.

Arc de Triomphe

Also at the Paris casino, you’ll find a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, this is such a beautiful sight. It’s located at the main drop off area of the hotel.

As a las vegas photographer it’s worth mentioning that there is another beautiful spot inside the hotel, a flower wall that says “From Paris, with love.” ask your vegas photographer to get a photo there, you wont regret it!

Paris Eiffel Tower

Get ready to add some romantic vibes to your photography at the Paris vegas. This hotel has such a gorgeous platina to the structure. One of the most beautiful places for photography no matter what the occasion is!
Photographers Tip: Make sure to communicate with your photographer if you have a preferred angle of your body or face.

This spot is in the main entrance from the strip’s sidewalk. Ask your las Vegas photographer to crouch low and shoot upwards to capture the whole Eiffel Tower!

New York, New York

This is one of the local favorites for photography because of its many beautiful locations to photograph. All you have to do is walk around for a few minutes and you’ll see lots of great spots to get creative photoshoots. Remember to always exchange creative ideas with your photographer because this will definitely make it more fun!

I recommend going across the street from any corner and this way you get the whole statue of liberty in your photo! If you decide to take the photo yourself they will come out good. If quality is a concern, I do recommend a pro vegas photographer because the difference is night and day.

Eiffel Tower View

If you go right across to the bellagio fountains, you’ll get the perfect angle to include the entire eiffel tower!
Photographers Tip: You can get a stunning photo of the whole Eiffel Tower by the west side of the Bellagio fountains. Have the photographer take the photo from a lower angle to get the tower. This view spot is definitely one of the most memorable places in vegas to get that famous romantic shot! The Eiffel tower replica is as real as the one in france!

Bellagio Fountain

The legendary fountains are one of the most popular destinations for Las Vegas photographers. Especially when at night, the romance and electrifying energy from the crown is astronomically insane!

The Bellagio fountain show happens from Monday-Friday every half hour from 3pm until 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm until 12pm. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the show schedule starts earlier, at 12pm. Most importantly, it’s totally free for you and your photographer!
For more info click here!

Bellagio Garden

This spot is a dream come true for vegas photographers and tourists, the gardens are made from real plants, flowers and nothing is fake. It’s truly a one of a kind experience that I highly recommend to check out. It’s always packed with friendly tourists and las vegas photographers no matter what time of the day. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is free to enter with your photographer and contains unique pieces of art. They also change the themes depending on seasons and holidays.
For more info click here!

Wetlands Park

The Clark County Wetlands Park is the largest park in the Clark County, Nevada park system. The park is on the east side of the Las Vegas valley. It contains beautiful landscapes and small bodies of water. This is a must have for all your las vegas photography needs. You can get a creative shot if your not afraid of getting a little wet.
Photographers Tip: Have your photographer climb a tree and you’ll get a super cool high angle shot that looks very unique and distinctive.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is breathtaking to say the least, it’s such a marvelous structure with rich history. This is such a sought after photography spot, you’ll always see couples getting photographed by las vegas photographers here. The Trevi Fountain replica is located at The Forum Shops from Caesars Palace, right on the las vegas blvd sidewalk, so you can’t miss it!

Fun Fact: Did you know there’s an aquarium inside The Forum Shops? You’ll find the Atlantis Aquarium, a staggering 50,000 gallon saltwater aquarium, there. Plus, they hold 160 shops and restaurants in the heart of the las vegas Strip, perfect for photographers to do their magic and definitely worth checking out!

Caesars Palace

There is a series of fountains in front of the main entrance to Caesars palace. They are so beautiful that they can’t be described in any language but rather experienced in person.
Photographers Tip: Have your photographer snap with different focal lengths to really capture all the statues and water at the same time.

Linq -High Roller

This Ferris wheel is the tallest high roller in the world and exclusive to Las Vegas! Yes, at a staggering height of 550 feet, even the flying birds say wow! Tickets start at $25 per person for general admission on a daytime ride and can go up depending on needs.
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Photographers Tip: You’ll share your pod with other people, so if you want the best view of the strip, get as close to the right side possible. It’ll give you the best views of the entire Strip in all of its glory and flashing lights.

Linq Promenade

This Promenade offers shopping, dining & entertainment, including the observation wheel & ziplines! You definitely should check this off your list for fun activities with your friends and family. The LINQ has celebrity restaurants, a high-tech casino, sky-high attractions and so much more that it’ll make your head spin.

Photographers Tip: The best angle to get the whole ferris wheel in the background is to snap it from the side, right by the In N Out burger.

The Flamingo

Bright large neon signs are definitely icandy-photography! Welcome to the Flamingo Hotel and all of its rich vibrant history! (Don’t worry, the mafia does not run it no more lol) This spot is on the Linq Promenade right by the I Love Sugar store. This casino gives you strong vintage vibes which is intoxicating to say the least. Talk about classic vegas, you’ll always see vegas photographers snapping away at the live flamingoes!

The Venetian

The Venetian has so many wonderful spots for photography and is one of the most artistic places in Vegas, such beautiful tapestry. The architecture will drop your jaw and your mind will be mathematically blown away. Skilled photographers prefer to shoot in the sun set to get that glowing golden light from the sun.

Venetian Lobby

This lobby is one of a kind and has the most shockingly beautiful architecture I have ever seen. This hands down feels like you’re in France and not in Las vegas. The Venetian Colonnade here feels like a palace of some magical Disney movie.
Photographers Tip: If you prefer less people to be in your photography, then you must try early mornings like 5am to be the rush.

Gondola Ride

Being serenaded on a romantic boat ride around the canals of France defines the definition of romance! The Venetian offers an unforgettable ride with rich colorful art and a blue burning skies. It’s perfect for taking stunning photographs. They offer both indoor and outdoor gondola rides.

Spoiler Alert: The ride itself is actually very short, but ultimately worth every penny. It costs $34 per person to ride the gondolas Monday – Thursday, and $39 per person Friday – Sunday, which holds 4 people. If you want a gondola for just the two of you, it will cost you $116.
The rides last about 13 minutes long, So make sure to get your photographers to quickly take photos!
For more info click here!

Venetian Bridge

Since the Venetian Vegas is designed after the beautiful Venice in France, there are lots of pretty bridges for photography opportunities. This spot is right by the casino’s main entrance. The details you see of the glorious architecture is breath-taking. Quick tip, make sure your photographer has at least a wide 24mm lens to get the whole bridge.

Crossover Bridges

There are crossing bridge’s literally in every corner of the strip that connect casinos to each other, this allows for very nice photos if you get the right angles. It gives you the traveler vibes and gets the immersive Vegas ambiance. Ask the photographers to take the photo from a low angle to avoid a percent of the crowd.

The Wynn

The Wynn is arguably one of the most fanciest casinos on the Vegas strip. It’s rich in colors and textures that will stimulate your mind’s creativity. There are plenty of spots to take fantastic photos. It will certainly add lots of life and pop to your photography. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with all the colors and shapes. Recommendation, security guards can sometimes tell you that photography is not allowed inside without a permit, so have the photographers snap quickly just in case.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is about 15 minutes north of the Strip, near the Mob Museum and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.(Which I recommend by the way!) The Neon history yard includes an outdoor walking area that displays ancient neon signs from Las Vegas’s history!

Extra Fees: you’re not allowed to bring a professional camera but rather your phone. Also, you are not allowed to take any videos with your phone.
If you want to bring personal vegas photographers with you, the fees start at $200 and increase depending on project needs.(what a bummer!)

Fremont District

The Fremont district is not too far from the neon museum, about a 15 min walk, free concerts are hosted here and It features a zipline attraction. Also, the first casinos ever built in Las Vegas were here. This is a hotspot for local vegas photographers. There is an abundance of cool spots to take amazing photos and it definitely gives you classic Elvis Presley vibes!

Retro Vegas Sign

You’ll find the retro Vegas sign right next to CommonWealth bar. (super nice bar by the way!)
Oscar’s Neon Martini Glass is mounted on East Fremont next to the popular Fremont East District neon sign. It was named for the long-time mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman.
Have the Vegas photographers take the photo from across the street to get the whole neon sign.

El Cortez Hotel

This old school hotel is probably the best spot to get that famous vintage look. This is the kind of casino that Elvis Presley himself would frequently visit. It’s such a beautiful building with its baby blue walls and fluorescent light bulbs lighting the walkway. Las Vegas photographers are always around the corner snapping away at his historical building.

Empty Club

This is truly a hidden gem that more people should know about. It’s a vibrant fluorescent pink building that grabs lots of attention! This gives you artsy groovy vibes like it was the 70s all over again. The Empty Club once was a gas station that has since been preserved. It’s the oldest surviving station in town, It’s located at the intersection of Fremont and 8th Street. Photographers can get a variety of shots from all angles because each wall is different and has its own art!

Fremont Murals

The area boasts colorful street art, murals, and hidden artistic gems you won’t find in any other part of the city. A whole lot of art, and reinvigorated culture awaits in downtown Las Vegas, along the very stretch of road where Sin City all began. This is Disneyland for photographers and art lovers of all kinds. If you’re in Fremont already then please check out the murals, it’s a short walking distance!

Symphony Park

Symphony Park is home to the Smith Center for the performing arts, Discovery Children’s museum and Cleveland clinic. It showcases these big colorful rainbow columns that are neat to photograph. Who doesn’t love the rainbow right? This is a great spot for artistic people and photographers that love the whole spectrum of the rainbow.

Red Rock

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than mother nature. Red Rock Canyon has the most beautiful landscapes you can ever witness. It’s only 30 min away from Las Vegas and is perfect for natural ambient photography.

It has magnificent rock formations and carries all of the shades of red on the color spectrum!
It’s mesmerizing to see the universe’s workmanship that took millions of years to create. Landscape photographers are out there all the time doing panoramic photography.
For more info click here!

Calico Basin

One of my personal favorites, the scenery you get here is indescribable by any language known by man. If you like to hike in nature that truly rejuvenates you physically, mentally and spiritually then this is the spot. Look for sports climbers on the rock walls and plenty of birds hovering in the sky.

Ash trees line where the seasonal Calico Spring runs, adding greenery to the landscape. For more info on their website click here.
Photographers Tip: make sure to bring snacks and water because it does involve some hiking to reach the photography spots.

Joshua Tree

While you’re at Red Rock Canyon, be sure to take photography with the Joshua Trees there! These trees give me all the California desert vibes, and are incredibly beautiful! This photography spot in particular is very grounding and enlightening. Lots of tourists and photographers don’t even know that you can find Joshua trees in Red rock canyon!

Safety Tip: There are rattlesnakes in red rock so please be aware of your surroundings because they camouflage very well.

Valley of Fire Road

This road looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie, with the winding road reaching 8 miles and has epic views of the mountains. A geologic wonderland, world-renowned Valley of Fire has 2000 year old petroglyphs carved into massive red sandstone formations in the Mojave Desert. Not only is the spot loved by Las Vegas photographers, but it’s also been used for countless Hollywood movies.
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Valley of Fire Waves

The Fire Wave at Valley of Fire State Park is another worthy photography spot! The rock formations have pinks, oranges and red zebra-like patterns, it’s definitely worth the visit! It does require a 1.5-mile hike to get there, so snacks and water are recommended.
Tell your photographer to boost the saturation when editing the photos, to really make the waves really pop!

Valley of Fire Slot

You’ll find this slot canyon on the White Domes Trail loop at Valley of Fire State Park. The valley of fire has so many beautiful variations worth visiting. No matter what spot you choose in the valley you can’t go wrong!

Valley of Fire Pastel Pink

This is by far the easiest to access, it’s only a five-minute walk to get there! You simply pull off on the side of the road and you’ll see it. This is a well known wedding destination. Lots of las vegas wedding photographers come here to shoot. It’s a popular destination for wedding photoshoots.

7 Magic Mountains

Composed of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders standing more than thirty feet high. The Seven Magic Mountains are not just pillars of colored & balanced stones but a great marvel of Engineering. Highly recommended for photographers, nature enthusiasts & art lovers. Nice spot for a little stop on the way to or from Vegas and have a little adventure for free! It’s about 30 minutes away from the Vegas Strip. I recommend that you come early to avoid large crowds.

Location tip: if you took an Uber drive there, ask the driver if they’ll wait for you while you take a quick photo. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get a ride back to Vegas! Plus, the drive can get expensive $100 or more.

Ethel M Garden

This small Botanical Garden is about 30 minutes east of Las Vegas and is free to visit. It’s the largest garden of its kind in Nevada and there are over 300 plant species in the garden. Even though it’s small, it’s still a worthy visit.
For more info click here!

Mrs Coco

Beautiful coffee shop located in lake Las Vegas, super friendly staff. Overall a great atmosphere. I ordered a caramel macchiato latte & it was delicious, oh & they play great music!! Visually speaking it’s one of the most beautiful cafes in vegas.

There are floral art pieces everywhere from tables to arches! What’s crazy, unfortunately a lot of tourists and vegas photographers don’t even know this place exists!
For more info click here!

Hoover Dam

Fun fact, the Hoover Dam has enough concrete to build a highway that stretches across the whole United States. It’s such a marvelous engineering feat and provides hydroelectric power to the city! There are a lot of tourist guides and photographers here ready to guide you.
There’s enough walking space and lots of viewpoints you can use to take amazing photographs.
For more info click here!

Photographers Tip: Make sure your photographer holds your camera up high, angled downwards so that you can see more of the water and structure.

First Creek Trail

Easy trail with very little elevation change. First half is an open desert with stunning panoramic views of the Red Rock valley. About a mile in, there is a hidden stream on your right. Look for the pine trees, then approach the hidden ridge to see the stream.

There are several spots to sit and have a picnic. This gorgeous environment will easily give you stunning photography, you can thank god for the magnificent landscapes. By the way, if you’re lucky you’ll see some majestic donkeys, deer and coyotes! Just be friendly, no sudden movements and tell the photographers to put their camera in silent mode.

Mt. Charleston

Mount. Charleston is such a sacred land that showcases gods creational talent. This is the perfect spot for mother nature enthusiasts, crystalline fresh air, peace and tranquility seekers.

Highly recommended by the locals and las vegas photographers with good reasons. So many fantastic hikes to enjoy with your friends and family and interact with the lovely wild life. You’ll definitely spot one or two wild deer eating off branches and singing along with the wind.
For more info click here!

Spring Mt Ranch

The first working ranch in the Las Vegas Valley, and once a luxurious retreat for millionaire Howard Hughes. This spot has such a breathtaking view of the mountains, it’s almost like a dream. Perfect for intimate romantic occasions or even large family gatherings.

“The photography permit is $50 for day use and $500 for the year. Liability insurance is required to obtain a permit. Call ahead to plan accordingly. Talk with the rangers to see where you can and cannot shoot. This spot is really popular for las vegas photographers and wedding ceremonies.
For more info click here!

Dry Lake Beds

Beautiful dry lake bed scenery with a ton of people rolling through for photo shoots. Gets busy on the weekend because of this and people coming to play with their toys (quads and dirt bikes).

Also, every morning and especially on the weekend large groups come to fly RC planes. Some Saturday and Friday nights a drum circle happens with dance music after that goes till sunrise. Incredible sunsets!

Nelson Ghost Town

What a hidden gem! You feel like you’re on a western movie set, an old ghost town with classic cars and relics. Lots of picture taking opportunities for photographers.. When you visit, go to the general store and check in. It’s $15, an hour to visit, for an individual, couple, or group. You will be given a presentation about the property and then anyone 21 years and older needs to sign their name in their visitor log. A definite must go and see
For more info click here!

Sloan canyon

Classic Mojave desert terrain. Magnificent desolation. No snakes, but lots of lizards. The first part of the trail from the trailhead is flat and desolate but it was worth the hiking effort. Once you arrive you’ll see all the petroglyphs near the end.

I had a wonderful time viewing the interesting geology and evidence of early human activity. This is a great quiet spot for nature lovers and las vegas landscape photographers. If you love the outdoors and enjoy meditating with the deep blue skies then look no further!

Selfie WRLD

They have 22+ interactive photoshoot backdrops that have lots of variety in styles.
The interactive installations are a creative outlet for your photography. They have a variety of setups that would surely please anyone. The best part, it’s only $25 an hour! Supper affordable and highly recommended by local vegas photographers.
For more info click here!

Aliante Nature Park

This wonderful park features a lake with waterfalls, picnic tables, and a fenced playground with a triceratops head cave. Several fast food spots across the street to choose from if you wanted to grab some food to eat at the park. This is perfect for families with children to run around and have fun! A small park but worthy of the mentioned.

Mary Jane Trail

Mary Jane Falls trail provides a challenging switchback hike into the peace and solitude that only nature allows. Smelling the pine, breathing the crisp fresh air and rejuvenating the soul every step of the way.
Mary Jane is a 3 mile round trip hike to where there is an icy waterfall in the winter time. Melting snow drips down the mountainside in the early summer, to cool you off from this easy to moderate trail. Great 2-3 hour hike.

Photographers Tip: I recommend wearing very comfortable clothes and to bring hiking boots because the terrain gets very rocky the more you scale!

Frank Gehry

It’s a stellar example of Frank Gehry’s DE constructivist style. It was designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, includes 199 windows in an undulating stainless steel canopy, and is one of the most impressive event spaces in the city. At certain times of the year, they change the light bulbs to different colors.
This architecture is an excellent art piece for photographers from all over the world to enjoy.

I have attached Google maps so you can find the spots easier!

If you’re curious to see the most popular F.A.Q photographers get, click here!

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