What Makes a Great Family Photographer?

1) Get Out: The beautiful outdoors makes the greatest backdrop for photos. I totally prefer outdoor photos a billion times over indoor photos. Studio photos are great too, but they feel artificial and confined, to a family and kids. Not only do you get the benefit of all that gorgeous golden light from the sun, but natural smiles and way happier people! Its way more fun to let the kids run around and be themselves and it totally shows in the pictures! Take a look at our fun location guide here for ideas!

2) Have Fun: Ask them to play, tickle, and do whatever they would normally when they’re trying to get their children to laugh. Then stand above them and shoot down. While you’ve got them there, move all around them to capture close ups of details, wide shots, head shots, hands holding… everything! Then step back and get a wide shot of a beautifully candid and un-posed family photo.

3) Together: Avoid poses where adults are standing and small children appear much lower in the frame. That difference in heights makes it much harder for families to connect. As a result, there will be no emotion for you to capture and it also forces you to shoot much wider to get everyone in. Instead, ask the parents to get down to their children’s level and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes to their interactions and the quality of the photographs.

4) Clothing: Too many patterns and colors on clothing can distract the eyes from the main focus. Instead keep the outfits a tad bit more simple with classic patterns such as stripes, spots and checks. Other then that, choose any of your favorite colors so they can pop on the photos! Check out our free photographer guide for ideas here!

Best Lenses for Family Photography

1) 35mm: The 35mm prime lens is a versatile and popular choice for family photography. Its wide-angle field of view allows you to capture a larger area in your shot, making it perfect for group shots or environmental portraits. It also has a large aperture, which means it can capture sharp images even in low light conditions. With its natural perspective and ability to capture beautiful bokeh, the 35mm prime lens is a great choice for candid shots and storytelling.

2) 50mm: Another popular lens for family photography is the 50mm prime lens. This lens is often referred to as a “nifty fifty” due to its versatility and affordability. The 50mm prime lens is a great choice for capturing portraits of individuals and small groups, as it produces a natural-looking image with a flattering depth of field. Its fast aperture is also ideal for shooting in low light conditions.

3) 85mm: The 85mm prime lens is a popular choice for family photographers who want to capture more intimate portraits. This lens produces a beautiful bokeh and shallow depth of field, making it ideal for isolating your subject from the background. The 85mm prime lens is also great for shooting in low light conditions due to its wide aperture.

4) 24-70mm: A versatile zoom lens like the 24-70mm is a great choice for family photography. This lens allows you to adjust the focal length, making it perfect for capturing a variety of shots, from wide-angle group shots to more tightly framed portraits. With its wide aperture and optical stabilization, this lens is also great for shooting in low light conditions.

5) 70-200mm: If you’re looking to capture shots from a distance, the 70-200mm zoom lens is an excellent choice. This lens allows you to zoom in on your subjects from a distance, making it great for capturing candid shots of kids playing or grandparents interacting with their grandchildren. Its fast aperture also makes it ideal for shooting in low light conditions.

A fathers love for his children will move mountains if need be. The legacy is passed on to generations with a photograph or two.

The celebration of life is full of gratitude and appreciation. Family is our number one supporter, never forget that!

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