What Makes a Great Newborn Photographer?

1) De-clutter: Here’s what you don’t want in the background of your pictures: That overflowing bookshelf, the laundry pile, the messy desk in the corner or unsorted mail on the desk. Make sure your background is clear of unnecessary things, this way the attention is completely given to your subject.

2) Natural Light: Sometimes indoor lights give weird color casts and shadows and a camera’s built-in flash will create an unattractive deer-in-the-headlights look. Using window lights will make your baby photos so much more prettier as they accurately capture the colors. Whenever possible use natural lighting but when that’s not available use a light source that has diffusion, to get the soft light.

3) Wacky: When photographing babies, you may need to “act wacky” to get a reaction. This can include making funny faces, playing hide and seek from behind a piece of cloth, or making goofy noises. Babies are really sensitive to sounds, so make sure to make your sound effects light hearted. You have to snap away fast to capture the moments, so choose a fast shutter speed of 1/350s or more, use a 70mm lens for that beautiful bokeh.

4) Time: Choose the right time for the session Newborns tend to be sleepier and more relaxed in the morning, so scheduling the session for early in the day can help your baby feel more comfortable. Make sure that your baby has been fed and is not hungry, as a hungry baby is unlikely to feel comfortable and may cry during the session.

5) Warm Temp: Keep the room warm Newborns are used to being in a warm, snug environment, so keeping the room warm can help your baby feel more comfortable. You may also want to bring a heater or a portable heater to the session, as newborn photography sessions often involve taking off your baby’s clothes, and they may get cold.

6) White Noise: Use a white noise machine white noise machines can help your baby feel more relaxed and comfortable during the session. The white noise mimics the sound of the womb, which can be soothing for newborns. You can also use other sounds, such as lullabies or shushing sounds, to help your baby feel more comfortable.

7) Comfort Items: Bring comfort items Bringing your baby’s favorite blanket, pacifier, or stuffed animal can help your baby feel more comfortable and at ease during the session. These items can provide a sense of security and familiarity, which can help your baby feel more comfortable and less stressed.

8) Breaks: Take breaks Newborn photography sessions can be tiring for babies, so taking breaks throughout the session can help your baby feel more comfortable and relaxed. If your baby starts to cry or become fussy, take a break, and comfort your baby before resuming the session.

9) Pro: Work with a professional photographer who specializes in newborn photography that will create a comfortable and relaxed environment for your baby. They will have experience working with newborns and will know how to keep your baby calm and happy during the session. Yes it cost a little money but worth every penny as they’ll capture astonishing photos! Check out our 10 tips for choosing the right photographer here!

This baby boy was such an a good mood that it makes it way easier on the newborn photographer! The color of his clothes matches the color palate of his surroundings. This is what make amazing newborn photography!

This beautiful baby girl was feeling adventures and was curious about the camera. Mom was next to me helping me get her attention. Being a las vegas newborn photographer isn’t that bad lol.

Children Bring Magic to Your Life

Sometimes magic is a really delicious piece of chocolate cake or a movie that make you cry your eyes out with inspiration. It’s laughing and giggling like a child with abandonment of self perception, skipping down the sidewalk without caring who sees you, or critiques you.

As human beings, man and women, we get the privilege of creating life and experiencing the magic of Gods creation. There is no words in the vocabulary to describe the indescribable and when we really lean into it, we get an even greater privilege of breathing in and living the magic our children gives us. When we see you cry, we want to cry, when we see you laugh, we want to laugh..

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