17 Posing Ideas for Couple’s Photography

Wide Angle Shot

Wide-angle shots are perfect at showcasing both the beauty of the landscape and the relationship between lovers on screen.

Hug Close Up

Hugging is a versatile pose, you can use many focal lengths to capture all the love. Ask the couple to act organically and embrace each other.

Hug from Behind

This classic pose brings the couple closer together, while also providing an opportunity for romance and affection. They can be looking in the same direction at the landscape, or one of them is turning back for a gentle kiss.

Lyft and Kiss

Ask to pick up their partner and laugh a bit and follow it with a kiss. There is multiple ways of doing the lift. These are fun to do!

Lying Down

For this pose, your models can lie flat on the floor with their heads turned, or they can prop themselves on their elbows to look into each other’s eyes.

Romantic Walk

Have them walk and hold each others hands while enjoying the moment. These are very memorable!

Forehead Kiss

This sweet kiss helps sets a romantic mood and works well in any landscape. A kiss on the forehead is a symbol of commitment.

Hand Kissing

have the couple hold their hands to their mouth and kiss their hands. Super engaging and very cute pose!


Asking a couple to whisper things in each other’s ears, its a great way to break the ice. Depending on their personalities, they can say anything they’d like, from the romantic to the humorous.

One Kiss

Kissing is personal and intimate, so whenever possible, let the couple know in advance that you want to include some in your shoot. Don’t fret if the first few kisses are awkward; give your models time to get comfortable in front of the camera, and remember to provide a casual, encouraging environment.

Almost kiss

Often, the moment just before a kiss makes for an even better photo than the kiss itself. You can even ask the couple to pause for a second and look at each other before they kiss.

Goofing Around

Couple photography poses don’t have to be serious or romantic. Give them the freedom to move around, make funny faces, and act like kids!


The best kind of laughter is organic. Sometimes, after kissing, a couple will naturally start cracking up, giving you the perfect chance to seize the moment.


Dancing is an ancient power of love that our ancestors showcased it everyday. Love encouragement! Have them dance with their heart on their sleeve and open up.

Piggy Back Ride

This is one of my favorite poses! This pose often results in genuine laughter and the most memorable pictures result!


Grab her hand and run fast like children at the park, guide her and protect her. The power of love unites with first holding each others hands!

The Twirl

Ask the man to twirl his wife like a ballerina. Do a couple of spins and the laughter will naturally come!


These poses are a great starting point, the best advice i can give is to be natural. Relax the body and mind, melt away the stress and stop time with your lover.

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